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Antonio Moran accepts Summer Internship Certificate of Completion from Ed Weaver, CPA

Antonio Moran accepts Summer Internship Certificate of Completion from Ed Weaver, CPA

Inside a CPA Firm – This Interns Perspective

I am currently a student at California State University, San Bernardino majoring in Business Administration with an Accounting Concentration. Recently, I had the opportunity to gain valuable experience as an Accounting Intern for six months at The Weaver Company CPA.

From my first day, I was made part of the Weaver Company team. I am grateful that the staff cared to make this a meaningful experience for me and found value in my efforts. I was pleased and surprised that work often associated with internships, such as going on coffee-runs and making copies, were not part of this experience. Each day when I left the office, I felt positive and satisfied that I learned, gained experience and contributed.

During my internship at the Weaver Company there were new challenges for me on a daily basis. My assignments provided the opportunity to challenge myself while gaining valuable real-world CPA experience. I was able to interact with engineers, contractors, software developers, CPAs and many other individuals who I learned from through personal interaction and as part of the project team.

I worked directly with Ed Weaver CPA and was assigned to, or assisted on, many aspects of varied projects. I was provided with expert guidance but given freedom and discretion to solve problems and find solutions independently. This gave me in-depth insight into the collaboration and problem solving that is needed for a project to be successful.

My assignments at the Weaver Company involved clients in many industries and levels of complexity and size. Client industries included manufacturing and distribution; construction; software development; and business and personal services. The work that I completed included preparing accounting and tax worksheets; template development for project software; income tax research, documentation and recommendations; preparing depreciation schedules; and troubleshooting and completing detailed job cost reports. I also worked on IT issues; importing cloud based financial information to tax software; and income tax preparation for individuals, among others.

I was amazed by the degree and consistency of professionalism on display at the Weaver Company. Ed Weaver works tirelessly to help his clients achieve their maximum potential, continually going out of his way to help clients. Even when working an extremely busy and demanding schedule, Ed set aside time each day to answer my questions about complex client work or even just simple tax law questions. I felt that Mr. Weaver genuinely did this all for my benefit.

This internship has drastically shaped my understanding of the accounting profession and has shown me how a professional CPA firm operates. By interning at The Weaver Company, I feel that I am far ahead of my colleagues because of the diverse project work and the amount of knowledge that I received from Mr. Weaver and staff. I am extremely appreciative to have actual accounting work experience. This experience has exposed me to different industries and types of projects that allowed me to apply my knowledge and obtain a wealth of new experience. I am glad that I worked at a firm that is so thorough and I am grateful that I started my professional career at The Weaver Company CPA.


Antonio Moran