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July 25, 2017
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July 3, 2018

Monica Hally, Operations Manager Completes ACCOUNTING 010

For the past two and a half years I have been the Operations Manager for the Weaver Company CPA. One of my areas of responsibility is project management for client accounting, tax and financial projects. In that role I monitor workflow, control incoming and outgoing documentation, respond to client requests and assist them in preparing, providing and understanding project files and reports.

My background and experience prior to taking this position was in a research and technical environment. The information and processes that I was responsible for are so different! As I saw and worked with all of these new documents and reports, I wanted to know more so that I could provide better and more effective support to both our clients and CPAs.

During this past tax season, of all times, I enrolled in Accounting 010 through San Bernardino Valley College. I believed this course would make me a better liaison between our clients and the professionals at the Weaver Company. Boy-oh-boy my eyes were opened to the challenges of accounting in a business environment!

From Accounting 010 I learned accounting basics while getting more exposure to many aspects of business management too. Not only did I obtain an understanding of terminologies such as General Ledger, Trial Balance and the various types of financial statements that our clients and CPAs use daily, I was introduced to the underlying accounting concepts and tools that are needed to create these reports. Learning how to use T-Accounts, record debits and credits, and closing accounting periods provided me with a much better understanding and appreciation for the day-to-day challenges business owners, accounting staff and CPAs face. I see how important proper accounting methods are to keeping the finances of a business operating efficiently and effectively.

I am excited to work with and support The Weaver Company CPA, business owners and their staff. My goal is to provide you with a great experience on each and every project. The knowledge and insight I gained from this course, along with my interactions with clients, CPAs and other team members, will help me greatly in reaching that goal!