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The Weaver Company CPA provides professional tax, financial and accounting services targeted for select corporations, small business, and successful individuals in four practice areas: construction contractors; entrepreneurs and small business; real estate; and successful individuals. You receive direct access to a knowledgeable and responsive industry professional that understands the importance of balancing your tax planning positions with the retention of earnings needed to build long-term wealth.

  • The Weaver Company has shown us that there is value in seeking superior tax planning and financial services. We are fortunate we came to our senses and chose to continue working with The Weaver Company who will provide us the highest return on investment. We highly recommend the services of Mr. Weaver. He is more knowledgeable and professional than any CPA or accounting firm we have worked with.
    Jonathan T.
    Supplier, $2M
  • Outside of your leadership, the level of knowledge and expertise has given me great confidence. When we found ourselves in a troubling situation, together we developed a path forward in very timely manner. With your years of accounting experience and business understanding, you provided a clear path to recovery, based on realistic goals and targets. You deserve an immense amount of praise for your efforts. We are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to work with you, and look forward to continued partnership with you.
    Bryan T., President
    International Manufacturer, Distributor
  • When we were first referred to you in 2000, our Company had just begun to grow. We were looking for good financial and tax advice and an advisor that is available and accessible. Your clear, concise guidance and advice resulted in significant cost savings over the years. Additionally, those tax strategies which saved considerable amount in capital were redirected toward growth of our expanding operations. Your expertise, detail-oriented approach, and clear communication, has helped to make our past success possible.
    Paul L., President
    Electrical Contractor