Income Tax Planning, Preparation and Resolution Services

The Weaver Company CPA provides income tax planning, preparation and problem resolution services that emphasize balancing the need to minimize and defer income taxes with the goal of building wealth (retaining earnings). Because planning to defer and minimize income taxes is a vital part of your long-term financial plan, we consistently seek to maximize those opportunities.

Corporate and Business Income Tax Services

Corporate and Business Income Tax Services are personalized to your circumstances. You will receive one-to-one attention from an experienced income tax professional in pursuit of real results for you. Some of these services include:

  • Choosing the proper tax entity and fiscal year choices
  • Federal, multi-state and multiple entity business income tax preparation and planning
  • Income tax research credits
  • Review of prior year income tax returns and amend if appropriate
  • Selection and use of retirement plans
  • Selecting and implementing appropriate income tax accounting methods
  • Structure of transactions to optimize income tax results
  • Income tax planning for multiple years and entities
Individual Income Tax Services

Individual Income Tax Services are designed with the objective of guiding successful individuals through the increasingly complex tax maze so that your income tax returns comply with the tax laws and regulations, while taking advantage of available tax credits and deductions.

  • Annual and long-term income tax planning
  • Entrepreneurial, executive and business owner income tax planning
  • Federal and multi-state individual income tax preparation and planning
  • Projections and calculation of estimated income tax payments
  • Retirement planning
  • Section 1031 tax free exchanges
Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Problem Resolution services are essential when tax problems occur and you need the knowledge, experience, and responsiveness of a proven professional tax accountant who has successfully resolved these problems in the past. We can help you resolve:

  • Income tax audit notices
  • Back income tax filing and amounts due
  • Tax collection matters
  • Tax payment installment agreements

Entrepreneurial and Transactional Services

The Weaver Company CPA acts as your business and personal chief financial advisor by providing timely advisory and transactional services developed for your specific situation. You will receive the guidance and support required for your business and financial decisions throughout the business life-cycle and your life stages. The value added advisory and transactional services we provide for you include:

  • Acquisition and sale of business, including deal structures
  • Bank financing, loan proposals and surety relationships
  • Business management advisory and coaching
  • Interact with, clarify and support for your relationship with other business and financial advisors
  • New business start-up and succession planning
  • Partner and shareholder disputes
  • Personal financial transaction advisory and coaching
  • Real estate transactions
  • Restructuring and buy-outs

Financial Statement Assurance and Accounting Services

The Weaver Company CPA offers the financial statement assurance and accounting services that you and users of your financial information need to make informed, reliable and sustainable business decisions. You and your stakeholders will be provided with the confidence to make accurate and meaningful decisions.

Reviewed and Compiled Financial Statements

When stockholders, investors, lenders and sureties want objective and independent assurance that your financial statements accurately represent your financial condition and results of operations, we offer the in-depth industry experience and proven reputation required. When we put our experience and knowledge to work for you, we will:

  • Determine the most appropriate level of service needed for your situation
  • Enhance value with a management level CPA for an efficient, timely, and less intrusive process
  • Uncover ways to increase profits, cut costs, save income taxes, and improve operations
  • Provide enhanced credibility and reliability to your financial statements
  • Use industry experience to discover more planning and advisory opportunities
Business Accounting Services

Business Accounting Services are designed to help you improve management of your company finances and improve decision making capabilities with more relevant, accurate and timely information. Some of these services include:

  • Cash flow management
  • Equipment purchase analysis
  • Overhead analysis
  • Prospective financial statements, budgets, forecasts and projections
  • Account analysis and reconciliation
  • Accounting for income taxes
  • Consult, research and advise on accounting for transactions
  • Depreciation and amortization schedules
  • Financial audit preparation